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What is an event?

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What is an event

A Sporting, Dining, Musical, Educational, Arts, Business or other cultural happening of some significance that allows watching by an audience or participation by a patron.

Examples are:

  • A cricket or football match or a Bushy Park race
  • A charity dinner, an elaborate Sunday buffet or a dinner show
  • A calypso tent, a reggae show, a concert by the RBPF Band
  • A BMHS lecture or a short seminar on diabetes
  • An exhibition of paintings or a craft show
  • BMEX or a wedding expo
  • Crop Over, Laugh It Off, a farmer's market, Holder's Season, a fun walk

What is not an event.

Here are some examples of what is not an event:

  • A special at a retail outlet or a spa
  • A children's Easter, Summer or Christmas camp
  • A normal weekday lunch at a restaurant
  • The TV schedule at a sports bar
  • A 4-day training course in photography or supervisory skills
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