Crop Over Calendar of Events 2019

Thanks to all who visited Barbados for Crop Over 2018; we look forward to seeing you again for Crop Over 2019!

Crop Over is Barbados' premiere summer festival and attracts visitors from across the globe! Many Bajans who now live off the island also return home to join in the festivities with family and friends. In addition to the official events of the National Cultural Foundation there are many other 'Crop Over' activities - such as themed parties and cruises - for you to enjoy!

Here the preliminary list of major Crop Over events for 2019. Additional events will be added as the festival approaches.

Select a month below to see what's on!

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Recommended Places To Stay, Things To Do & More...

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Coming for Crop Over? Check out these recommended places to stay for your Barbados visit or find one that best meets your needs and budget.

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Want to explore more places to stay when you visit Barbados for Crop Over? Hotels & resorts offer a wide range of facilities, vacation apartments are great for self-catering holidays while guesthouses are a more affordable option.


There is no shortage of dining options in Barbados! From exquisite fine dining to tasty street food, international cuisine to local delicacies, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Go Barbados and experience the food!

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Barbados scenic lookout

Wondering what else there is to do outside of the usual Crop Over events? Try a water adventure or experience a thrill on land.Hop aboard a rugged safari jeep or relax in an air-conditioned coach. Go Barbados for the adventure...The options are limitless!

On Land

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On Water

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There is a range of sports and activities to keep you entertained! From golfing to game fishing, we've got it all!

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Barbados Nightlife

When the sun has set, the action continues! Check out the range of nightlife options available for your enjoyment.

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The kids are not to be forgotten! Here are some exciting options to keep the whole family entertained!

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Personal Drivers

Experience ultimate luxury while in Barbados with the convenience of a personal driver to take you safely from event to event!

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Car Rentals

Explore the island at your leisure! Rent a car during your stay and enjoy the freedom.

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Travel Specialists

Prefer to sit back and let a specialist handle your travel needs, car reservations, group arrangements or a next special trip? Engage the services of a professional travel agency:

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While You're Here:


Highly Recommended

'', 'linkName'=>'Oistin\'s Fish Fry and Rumshop Tour','linkText'=>'Enjoy a fun evening at Oistins Fish Fry, followed by a nightcap at a local rumshop! Click here for pricing & bookings.','linkimage'=>'oistins.png')); ?>
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More Barbados Crop Over Videos

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