Barbados Self Catering Apartments and Hotels listed by size

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Does size matter? Sometimes. If you are looking for a quiet getaway with lots of privacy, then a single or small self catering apartment is the right pick. If you wish more services and features then go for a mid to large size self catering hotel instead.

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    Barbados self-catering hotel

    Small: less than 5 bedrooms
    Medium: between 6 and 14 bedrooms
    Large: 15 bedrooms or more

    A self-catering holiday gives you the convenience of your own cooking facilities. This is especially handy if you're staying in Barbados for several weeks or if you are travelling with children or a large group.

    Barbados self-catering holiday properties run the full gamut: a single apartment will give you complete privacy; a small group of apartments may have shared facilities such as a pool and garden; larger hotels provide all the amenities you expect in a resort plus the benefit of self-catering kitchens or kitchenettes.

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